Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Updates and Great News

Hi my fellow craft partners in crime....lol

I have a few updates for all of you, so here they go:

#1 I have posted new jewelry inventory in my zibbet store which you can all check out. I will be having a sale very soon. I am still trying to upload some holiday kits that I want to have ready before the sale as well as some card making kits for the holidays, each card making kit will include 2 cards with envelopes (white) and themed paper to go with the given holiday. Looking forward to having Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Card Kits...who knows might even throw in a New Years one. So stay tuned for that!!!

#2 This month is my Birthday!!! Yay!!! Due to it being my birthday, I will be organizing a blog hop, however, my Birthday is on October 8 and the blog hop is for Halloween. But it's great because Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and I get to celebrate it this year doing a blog hop. I am really excited about that. If you would like to participate in the blog hop please let me know by sending me an email to beautydecade@gmail.com. We will be having some awesome sponsors which will be great more of that to come once I have a concrete list. However, a sneek peak will involve digi images, crafts, and much more.

#3 Here are some more Halloween Cards, I have been working on for the past week or so for CCL ...
Front of the card: Trick or Treat

I love this card because I think it is 
simple yet sweet giving off a special treat...hehe, Enjoy!!

Keep Craftin'

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