Thursday, September 29, 2011

CDAC Progressive Freebie Challenge 3

Hi my fellow crafty people....

So this is the third installment for the freebie challenge for CDAC. I managed to missed the second due to life's unforeseen troubles, however I was able to buy back in for just a buck!!! Isn't that amazing, I think so. Anyhow, they gave out some amazing images and again I almost missed the deadline due to life's unforeseen lil' troubles...but ha! not so fast, I managed to squeeze right in there and was able to submit my work. Which I am really proud of. Fall is one of my favorite holidays, not only because it is my birthday, or because it is Halloween, but because when I was up north (which I hope to be back soon) I was able to experience the difference in seasons. Being from Miami, FL. you really don't get to experience the different seasons as you do up north. In Miami, all you really get to see is Spring and Summer, the humidity, rain, and heat. For fall there is no changing of color in leaves or falling leaves for that matter. So, I was really excited when I saw one of the images was a woodland fairy. I put my creative juices working and came up with this:
Front of the Card

Well I hope that you all enjoy because I have entered it in the CDAC Progressive Freebie Challenge amongst many other very talented people. Enjoy and Happy Fall!!!


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