Monday, April 2, 2012

Autism Awareness Blog Hop

Hi all my crafty addicts,

Welcome to the Autism Awareness Blog Hop. If you have just come from Cori's Blog then you are on the right track. If you are just joining us, then please start with our wonderful hostess Cori.

When I first read about this hop, I thought of one special little boy in my life, the son of my best friend. He is the most adorable little boy and is full of life. Like many others, he has Autism. His parents struggle with this every day, as he goes to therapy, Dr. visits, and even is on a specific diet. It breaks my heart that any child has to go through this, let alone their family.

They had a  walk for Autism in Miami, Fl. in March 2012 and I decided to be an advocate for this as well. Like my own medical issues and ongoing battle with Leukemia, I know the importance of getting people involved with your own personal story and coming together as a family and showing your support to loved ones and friends.

Here is my project for this blog hop, I decided to make a flyer to show my support for Matt before his walk for Autism in March 2012. I hope you will show your support too.

Today for this blog hop we have amazing ladies with amazing stories connecting with the same hope... to find a cure for Autism. Have fun hopping along and hope that every story touches your heart!
Here is the lineup of amazing ladies:

  1. Cori-
  2. Liz -
  3. Doris -
  4. Zenita -
  5. Chriss-
  6. Colleen -
  7. Pam -
  8. Kristy -

Hope that you all enjoy the hop and TY for hopping with us, hope all of our stories will someway touch your hearts like they have mine. Please TY and continue showing your support in our search to find a cure for Autism. Now onto your next stop, the fabulous Doris. Enjoy!


  1. What a great page! Thanks so much for sharing!!!
    <3 Pam

  2. Love how you decided to do a flyer! And putting a pic on it makes it so much more personal, even to people who don't know him! Awesome job! Thanks for all the work you put into this hop! Now get some rest and get better, Girl! We miss you!!!

  3. how precious is your sign you made! I have done the Autism walks for the last couple of years and I know how important it is to share with others -Autism is real!! and how are you these days???

  4. I feel the pain for your friend and Little Matt. I cant believe the trials and tribulations these precious children have to go through everyday just to do the simple things in life we all take for granite. I hope and pray that children with autism can one day grow into healthy functional adults. Although I believe some children function better then us normal people! Best wishes! Matt is adorable!

  5. What a heartfelt story, Liz!! He is so adorable! Your layout turned out great as well!! It is SO important to get the word out about autism and the awareness so everyone can be aware and support each other. : )

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  7. Liz,

    My son does the Walk for Autism every year. Thank you for sharing your story.



  8. What a sweet layout, he is a cutie! tfs

  9. Oh he is so cute. Thanks so much for sharing your layout and his story. I hope this helps share all of their stories and one day we can find a cure. Thanks again.

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  11. I have been having issues with comments lately sorry
    Your flyer is awesome and you are a truely special friend! Big Blog Hugs, Janet

  12. Wonderful flyer. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Great job Liz! Thank you for joining us and for all of your help on this hop!

  14. Beautiful flier and what a beautiful child!! Thank you for your awareness and such a beautiful flier for your friends!!

  15. What a great flier! Thanks for spreading the word =)

  16. This is such a great flyer! I understand where you are coming from. I too have a friend who have a hard time when her husband out of town due to military. Thanks for sharing Matt story!

  17. Missing you Liz. Rest in Peace, love, and utter bliss.
    May the next road treat you better than this one has physically. XO

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  19. GREAT WORK with such beautiful colors. Come join us again. We have some great prizes and some fun challenges. Love you see you again.

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